Comins Tea - Oolong for an Organic Future

Comins Tea is a small family business based in Dorset specialising in fine single estate teas. Michelle and Rob have a vision and a sourcing ethic that is very closely aligned with our own, so it feels like a natural extension of what we do to offer a selection of their delicious teas. We are incredibly proud and honoured to be the first coffee roaster to partner with Comins Tea and to offer their "Tea With Purpose" - a selection of seven teas from their most trusted partners. If you want to know more about Comins Tea then please visit their website where you will find a wealth of tea knowledge and stories in which to immerse yourself. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this carefully curated selection of truly special, and utterly delicious teas. 

Tea Baked in Jin Xuan
Origin Nantou County, Taiwan
Harvest Time September
Cultivar Jin Xuan TRES No 12
Tea Farmer Tsai Brothers
Tea Baker Yu Wen - Medium oxidised, three step, multi-stage oven baking
Plucking Standard Four or five leaves
Experience Nutty, strong and deliciously woody
Preparation Teapot / 400ml water / 5g leaf / 90°C / 2 minutes / up to 6 infusions

Tea production in Taiwan is highly collaborative with the numerous steps involved contracted out to a number of small businesses. This oolong is the result of a collaboration between two young brothers - the Tsai brothers - with an ambition to gain organic certification for their family tea garden - and a facility and Master Baker Yu Wen (where the oolong is baked) with a visionary plan to move to carbon neutral / negative in the next two years

In this highly networked tea system, their work, supported by your purchase and the guarantee of regular orders and a fair price, has the potantial to inspire others to take the same path. In a business that needs to attract and retain more young people, the hope is that this pioneering approach will demonstrate first hand how exciting a positive and sustainable future in Taiwanese tea can be.

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