Comins Tea - Puer for Preservation

Comins Tea is a small family business based in Dorset specialising in fine single estate teas. Michelle and Rob have a vision and a sourcing ethic that is very closely aligned with our own, so it feels like a natural extension of what we do to offer a selection of their delicious teas. We are incredibly proud and honoured to be the first coffee roaster to partner with Comins Tea and to offer their "Tea With Purpose" - a selection of seven teas from their most trusted partners. If you want to know more about Comins Tea then please visit their website where you will find a wealth of tea knowledge and stories in which to immerse yourself. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this carefully curated selection of truly special, and utterly delicious teas. 

Tea Maker Mr NanKang
Origin A Bai La Cooperative, MangJing Village, Mount Jingmai, Puer County, Yunnan Province, China
Harvest Time April 2018
Cultivar Conventional Tree, medium sized leaves
Plucking Standard Two to three leaves
Experience A rich, smooth, earthy Shu Puer bringing centre and balance
Preparation Gong-fu / 2.5g leaf / 100°C water / 30 seconds first infusion / 15 second subsequent infusions

On the south west border of Yunnan sits the world heritage Jingmai Mountain, home to a mix of the Dai, Blang, Hani and Wa communitites. This puer, from Bulang elder Mr Nan's community is grown naturally following the rules of his ancestors. He explains, "The Puer tea market is in chaos - individual sellers are pushing the price of puer even higher, people bringing in tea and mixing it with our ancient leaves, piling it and saying it is puer. I cannot manage the market - I only know that our life is shorter than the life of a tea tree, so to protect it is a huge responsibility. Our duty is to operate with respect, integrity and honesty.

Supporting this community through your purchase helps preserve the ancient tea forests plamnted over 1,800 years ago by My Nan's ancestors, secures livelihoods for younger generations, and provides motivation to continue to nurture and pass on the skills and knowledge acquired through lives intertwined with the ancient tea trees and forests.


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