Storm Tea - Organic Breakfast Tea

Storm Tea is a small family business built on four key principles that are very closely aligned with our own - amazing flavours, consideration for farmers and their staff, care for the planet, and care for our general wellbeing. As such, it is our pleasure to offer you their delicious range of fine loose leaf teas.

Tea Organic Breakfast Tea

Jalinga Estate, Assam, India

Harrington Estate, Dimbula, Sri Lanka

Certification Soil Association Organic

3-4g tea / 250ml water

100°C brew temp

3-5 minute infusion

A good breakfast tea requires plenty of flavour, body and brightness. In order to achieve this Storm sources teas from two organic estates and blends them in proportions that give the best possible results.

The key component comes from the organic Jalinga Estate in Assam, India. Situated deep in the Brahmaputra valley in north east India, Jalinga is the only certified CO2 neutral tea farm in the world and is recognised for producing hearty and flavoursome teas. In keeping with teas from this region the cup is dominated by a rich and malty flavour. Storm prefers to use the smaller broken orange-pekoe leaf in this blend since it brings about an extra depth of flavour.

The Assam tea is lifted with the addition of organic Harrington Estate tea from Sri Lanka. These black teas are picked and processed on the estate that stands at 1,500 meters above sea level in the Dimbula region of island’s central mountain range. It adds brightness and a little complexity to the blend. 

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