Mountain Rescue

Notes Fudge, Blossom-Honey, Orange

Union Cantinil Smallholders, Huehuetenango

Association of Small Producers, Jalapa

Altitude 1,700-1,900m
Process Washed
Varietal Pache San Ramon, Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra

The Lake District Search & Mountain Rescue Association (LDSAMRA) provides a vital service here in the Lake District, helping injured and stricken hikers to safety from some of the most remote and precarious places in the country. The vast majority of incidents are safely resolved but there are inevitably a number of fatalities, and without the help of LDSAMRA this number would be much higher.

In order to carry out their work LDSAMRA rely on a team of brave and highly trained volunteers. We are friends with a number of them so are well aware of the great work that they do and the importance of donations to provide them with the kit necessary to do their job effectively.

With this in mind, we donate £1 per kilo of Mountain Rescue sold to LDSAMRA.

Our current Mountain Rescue coffee is a blend of coffees from the Jalapa and Huehuetenango regions of Guatemala. They are both wonderful coffees in their own right, but when blended add up to more than the sum of their parts to deliver a beautifully balanced and incredibly satisfying cup of coffee.

Association of Small Producers, Jalapa

The indigenous farmers of Santa Maria Xalapan have for a long time excelled in  growing the likes of corn, tomatoes, apples, peaches and avocados. Their prowess found the attention of a Spanish organisation who encouraged them to form an organised community with the aim of supporting each other and finding better markets for their products. Given the richness of the pumis soil and the high altitudes, they were also encouraged to add coffee to the roster.

The project has been a great success resulting in some excellent quality coffee. With the help of Guatemalan specialist importers, Primavera, the 46 farmers formed a formal association in February 2017. Once picked, the coffee is transported to the Rasch family's farm at Finca El Hato in Fraijanes for for processing. There it is fully washed, fermented and sun-dried - but the association hope to have their own wet mill next year.

Union Cantinil Smallholders, Huehuetenango

This coffee is grown by a collective of smallholder farmers based around Union Cantinil in the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala. Our importing partners Olam have a small team based in this community who buy coffee from the smallholder farmers and separate it into lots based on quality.

In the cup the coffee from Jalapa provides good body and a creamy, fudge-like mouthfeel. This is lifted by the Union Cantinil which adds beautiful notes of blossom-honey and orange to the blend.

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