Red Bank is guided by three core principles - Quality, Traceability and Sustainability. From our base in the heart of the Lake District we source only coffees that are able to satisfy these criteria to roast on our eco-friendly Loring S15 Falcon. Our roasting philosophy is to roast each coffee such that it is fully developed, but to terminate the roast before "roast" flavours start to develop. The ultimate goal is to unlock each coffee's full potential, and to allow it to sing in the cup.

Red Bank started life as a leap of faith. I fell in love with speciality coffee during my time working as a solicitor in London. In 2007 a cup of Kenyan peaberry revolutionised my perception of coffee. A million miles from the bitter beverage I was accustomed to that required a hefty dose of sugar to make it remotely palatable, this was naturally sweet and unbelievably fruity. This moment sparked an obsession that would eventually see me quit my office job, move to my beloved Lake District, and set up a roastery in the hope of sharing this magical experience.

Red Bank has grown considerably since our first roaster, a Giesen W6A, arrived at the shoebox otherwise known as Unit 4B Lake Road Estate, but our mission remains the same - to source excellent-quality, traceable, and sustainable coffee, and to roast it as sympathetically as possible. By doing so we hope, first of all, to give our customers a lot of pleasure! - but also to increase awareness of the merits of responsibly sourced speciality coffee, and hopefully inspire similar revelatory moments to the one I experienced myself in 2007.

If there is anything we can do to help improve your experience then please don't hesitate to get in touch. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy drinking our coffee as much as we enjoy sourcing and roasting it for you.

Tom Prestwich
Founder of Red Bank Coffee Roasters
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