Our Team

Tom Prestwich - Founder

Tom founded Red Bank in 2015 with the goal of sharing the delicious coffee he had experienced during his time working in London with the people of the Lake District. The goalposts have widened significantly since then, and Tom’s main focus now is on sourcing coffees that best meet Red Bank’s guiding principles of quality, traceability and sustainability, building strong and meaningful relationships with farmers, importers and other partners, and telling their stories.  He believes that travelling to origin, seeing the farms, and meeting the people that grow, process and export the coffee, is the only way of truly understanding the complex supply chains, and the real situation on the ground. He is constantly looking at ways to improve the way Red Bank does business, and is proud to have achieved his Q-Grader qualification in 2020. Outside of coffee, Tom loves swimming, travel, music, food, wine... and pretty much anything else that can be consumed.

Mike Dickinson - Head Roaster & Roastery Manager

Mike joined Red Bank in 2018 having worked previously as a high level barista and a coffee machine technician. His attention to detail, understanding of coffee, and level of care for his work are ideal attributes for roasting coffee to the very best of its potential. His thirst for knowledge is insatiable. He currently holds SCA Green Coffee Intermediate, SCA Roasting Intermediate, and SCA Barista Professional certifications, with SCA Roasting Professional and Q-Grader certification next on his hit list. Outside of work Mike loves mountain biking and running, and has a little-known (until now) penchant for fine whisky.