Comins Tea - Earl Grey for Elephants

Comins Tea is a small family business based in Dorset specialising in fine single estate teas. Michelle and Rob have a vision and a sourcing ethic that is very closely aligned with our own, so it feels like a natural extension of what we do to offer a selection of their delicious teas. We are incredibly proud and honoured to be the first coffee roaster to partner with Comins Tea and to offer their "Tea With Purpose" - a selection of seven teas from their most trusted partners. If you want to know more about Comins Tea then please visit their website where you will find a wealth of tea knowledge and stories in which to immerse yourself. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this carefully curated selection of truly special, and utterly delicious teas. 

Tea Maker Sonia Jabbar
Origin Nuxalbari Estate, Naxalbari District, Darjeeling, West Bengal
Harvest Time Second Flush
Cultivar TV 25-26 with a few TV 1 & TV 17
Plucking Standard 2 leaves 1 bud / 1 leaf 1 bud
Experience A beautiful, refreshing and aromatic cup
Preparation Teapot (400ml) / 2 teaspoons leaf / 95°C water / 3 minutes / 1 infusion
Ingredients Black Tea, Organic Italian Bergamot Oil

Diverted from their traditional migration route through the Terai-Dooars belt by a 17km long fence along the border at the Mechi river - an increasing number of elephants are finding their way onto farmland, and Sonia Jabbar's tea estate. The threat of human elephant conflict is very real, but on the 1,200 acre Nuxalbari tea estate the elephants receive a warm welcome. This is no ordinary tea estate - in a black tea market beset with high yield, low value teas, Sonia is focused on quality: honouring the soil, tea bushes, trees and community - a community that includes elephants. Sonia explains, "The elephants know how to move in between rows of tea. Had it not been so, my estate would not have survived". With so little forest cover left in the area, this approach is critical to their future.

Your support contributes to the education of guards, workers and community, ambitious rewilding projects, the provision of nature clubs for children, and pilot crop insurance projects.

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