Comins Tea - Uplifting Darjeeling

Comins Tea is a small family business based in Dorset specialising in fine single estate teas. Michelle and Rob have a vision and a sourcing ethic that is very closely aligned with our own, so it feels like a natural extension of what we do to offer a selection of their delicious teas. We are incredibly proud and honoured to be the first coffee roaster to partner with Comins Tea and to offer their "Tea With Purpose" - a selection of seven teas from their most trusted partners. If you want to know more about Comins Tea then please visit their website where you will find a wealth of tea knowledge and stories in which to immerse yourself. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this carefully curated selection of truly special, and utterly delicious teas. 

Tea Maker Bhawesh Niroula
Origin Niroulas Cooperative, Chotta Poobong Busty, Darjeeling
Harvest Time July
Cultivar Mixed Clonal and China bushes
Plucking Standard One leaf and one bud
Experience Deep and toasty. Warming and nourishing.
Preparation Teapot (400ml) / 2 teaspoons leaf / 95°C water / 3 minutes / 1-2 infusions

The livelihood of around 180 farmers runs through Bhawesh's tea factory in the village of Chotta Poobong, an initiative that has created dozens of local jobs since its creation by his father in 2015. "Our cooperative and independent tea processing facility offers our employees and farming partners two to three times the average tea garden rate in Darjeeling while also providing people with purpose, livelihoods and hope for the future at a time when many young people are leaving Darjeeling's farming villages for the city. To get this far has taken a lot of investment".

Supporting this project through your purchase will enable it to become profitable and then allocate these profits to important local social causes of women's empowerment, education and entrepreneurship.

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