Eratoi Village

Notes Raspberry, Tamarind
Origin Eratoi Village, Letefoho, Ermera, East Timor
Altitude 1,600-1,700m
Process Washed, Organic
Varietal Hibrido De Timor, Typica

This coffee grown by 15 smallholder farmers from Eratoi village is the first coffee we have ever offered from East Timor. In the cup it is clean and incredibly juicy with notes of raspberry and tamarind.

In the local Mambae language "Eratoi" means "rich in water". The ample water supply means that washed processing of coffee is less difficult here than in other regions of East Timor, and it is in large part to thank for the quality of this lot.

The village has 42 coffee growers who are split into three separate groups in order to effectively implement and monitor meticulous quality assurance protocol. This particular lot come from Group 2 led by Laurentino Soares. Members of the group are instructed to hand-pick only fully ripe cherries. Each day picking finishes just after lunch to ensure the coffee can be processed the same day. The harvested cherries are floated in water to eliminate beans with insect damage. They are then de-pulped and floated again before being fermented for 36 hours. The coffee is then washed and sun-dried on drying tarpaulin. The resulting parchment coffee is then cured for a minimum of 30 days before it is dry-milled. The dry-milled coffee is then transported to the capital Dili where it is sorted by hand and using a colour sorter. The green coffee is then packed in Ecotact and jute bags before onward transport.

The resulting cup is testament to the meticulous processing of this coffee. This is our first coffee from East TImor, but if it's anything to go by it certainly won't be our last.

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