Yulzan - Guatemala

Notes Toffee, Grape, Pear
Farm Finca Yulzan, San Antonio Huista, Huehuetenango, Guatemala
Owner Pedro Ramirez
Altitude 1,550m
Varietal Caturra, Bourbon
Process  Washed

We are delighted bring you this wonderful washed coffee from Huehuetenango sourced through Guatemalan specialist importers Primavera.

Pedro Ramirez inherited the land on which Finca Yulzan now stands in 1989. He started with a small plot which over the years has grown into the 2.8 hectare farm that he has today. The farm is the main source of income for Pedro and his family. This has historically been very challenging with the cost of farm materials being very high, and the value of coffee generally very low.

Primavera was set up by Nadine Rasch who grew up in Guatemala and whose family have had a coffee farm there for four generations. After studying finance in London, Nadine ended up working for a commodities fund where she saw the price for commodity coffee drop sharply. She came to realise that the only way to maintain stable prices for coffee was through quality. After working for one year with speciality coffee importers Mercanta, she moved back to Guatemala to gain experience of how things worked on the ground.

Most of Guatemala's highest quality coffees come from the Huehuetenango region. This is a very remote area of Guatemala, and the farmers' traditional route to market has been through local coyotes who mix all the coffee they collect together a pay the 'market' price. This model leaves no incentive for famers to practice methods that result in higher quality coffee, such as selective picking and better post-harvest processing. It is Nadine and Primavera's mission to change this. They want to educate farmers to produce better coffee that gives them access to the speciality coffee market, higher prices for their product and a more stable future.

Pedro Ramirez is one of a number of beneficiaries of Nadine's work. He is now positive about the future of coffee and wants to work with younger generations to pass on his knowledge, and to learn and innovate together. Pedro works on many aspects of his farm, from the management of pests and diseases without the use of pesticides and herbicides, to having good shade and root fertilization systems. In the future he hopes to invest in a wet mill, and to continue improving his processes and practices to keep up with the high standards of quality in the specialty market.

His commitment and hard work is certainly shining through in the cup. On a cupping table full of exceptional coffees, this one stood out for its intensity of flavour with notes of toffee, grape and pear coming through in the cup. 

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