Fredy Orantes - Guatemala

Origin Fredy Orantes, Finca Buena Vista, Fraijanes, Guatemala
Altitude 1,870 MASL
Process Natural
Variety Catuai
Baked Pear, Toffee, Pecan

Finca Buena Vista is located in the Fraijanes region of Guatemala, and is named for its remarkable views over nearby Santa Rosa. Its 7 hectares are farmed by Fredy Orantes, who has gained a reputation for producing some of the highest quality lots in the region, and who has helped raise the level of expectation as to the quality of coffee that can be grown here. Fredy has paid particular attention to the separation of varietals grown on the farm, with this particular lot being comprised of 100% catuai.

Compared to the Huehuetenango region in the north of Guatemala, from where we have previously sourced coffees, Fraijanes is hotter and the sun is stronger. In the field, grevillea and avocado trees provide shade coverage, and allow the coffee to ripen more slowly than it otherwise might. Aside from the environmental benefits of shade growing, this practice is thought to contribute to more complexity in the cup. On the flip side, the hot weather and strong sunshine has allowed Fredy to experiment with natural and honey processing, as opposed to the washed method that is commonly used in the region. This, combined with his meticulous separation of varietals, means that Fredy is able to produce micro-lots with real character, and command a higher premium for his coffee.

The result of all his hard work is a delicious, clean, sweet and syrupy coffee, with notes of baked pear, toffee and pecan.

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