Natural / Red Bourbon
Mango, Lime, Violet

Notes Mango, Lime & Violet
Origin Gatare Washing Station, Nyamashake, Western Province, Rwanda
Altitude 1,800m
Varietal Red Bourbon
Process  Natural

In May 2017 we visited the Gatare washing station in western Rwanda with Falcon Coffees and a handful of other roasters. The station was experimenting for the first time with natural processing and we all left eagerly awaiting the results. We have not been disappointed, in fact this is one of the most stunning coffees we have had in the roastery for a while. In the cup it is full and very sweet but retains a delicious mango and lime acidity. You never know when a lot like this is going to come along and we wish we had ordered more, so you'd better get your hands on some before we run out! Better still, why not try it alongside our washed Rwandan Ruvumbu to see how different processing really makes a difference to cup profile.

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