Gora Kone - Ethiopia

Origin Gora Kone Washing Station, Nensebo, West Arsi, Oromia
Altitude 1,900-2,050 MASL
Variety Heirloom
Process Washed
Notes Brown Sugar, Sicilian Lemon, Sweet Peach

The Gora Kone washing station is located on the fringes of the Harenna Forest, beside the Nensebo river in Ethiopia's West Arsi zone. The Harenna Forest is one of the few remaining natural forests in Ethiopia, and is home to an abundance of native flora and fauna, including the majestic moutain nyala, and the endangered Ethiopian wolf.

Coffees from Nensebo have historically been overshadowed by coffees from the neighbouring Sidama region, but in 2020 several lots from Nensebo made the Cup of Excellence auction and put the region on the speciality coffee map.

700-800 smallholder farmers with plots no larger than 3 hectares deliver cherry to Gora Kone each year. Shade growing is the norm in this part of Ethiopia, and as a rule the coffee trees are well covered by wanza and acacia.

On arrival at the washing station, the coffee is pulped, then fermented in large water filled bins for 42-46 hours. The water is refreshed every 12 hours until the coffee is ready for drying. Before being laid on the raised drying beds the coffee is washed with water from the nearby Gerenbicho river (a tributary of the Nensebo). The coffee is then dried for 12-14 days before being packed and laid to rest for a further 30 days.

In the cup the coffee displays all the hallmarks of the very best coffees from this region, being clean and bright with notes of brown sugar, Sicilian lemon, and sweet juicy peach.

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