Grace Morales - Ecuador

Origin Finca Cruz Loma, San Jose De Minas, Pinchincha, Ecuador
Producer Grace Morales Flores
Altitude 1,450 MASL
Process Semi-washed
Variety Typica, Sidra, Bourbon, Caturra
Notes Toffee-Apple, Double Cream, Dulce De Leche

This delicious coffee grown by Grace Morales Flores is our first ever offering from Ecuador - and on this evidence it certainly won't be our last!

Finca Cruz Loma is located in the San Jose De Minas canton of Pinchincha province in the north of Ecuador, close to the border with Colombia. The farm covers an area of 350 hectares, of which only 5 hectares are given over to coffee cultivation. The farm also cultivates a number of other fruits and vegetables, with cedar and plantain trees providing shade for the coffee. It is surrounded by virgin jungle. The coffee trees were planted only four years ago and this the farm's second harvest.

We have selected this coffee both because of its excellent cup qualities, and also because we are keen familiarise ourselves with an origin that we haven't offered coffee from before. In the cup the coffee is very clean, but at the same time incredibly dense and creamy, with notes of toffee-apple, and dulce de leche.

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