Jose Avila

Notes Walnut, Maple Syrup, Banana
Origin Sitio Sao Francisco, Divinolandia, Media Mogiana, São Paulo, Brazil
Altitude 1,250m
Varietal Yellow Catuai
Process  Natural

Jose Avila lives and works on the 30 hectare Sitio Sao Francisco with his wife, son and father. The farm, located in the Alta Mogiana region in the east of Sao Paulo state, is small in comparison to the enormous estates that tend to be found in the main coffee growing regions of Brazil. The size of the farm allows Jose and his family to tend to their crop with particular care. The lot sizes and the amount of coffee picked each day is determined by the amount of space available on the drying patio next to the family house. The coffee is fully sun-dried, aided by the cool wind found at this altitude.

This year Jose has separated this 100% Yellow Catuaí lot, and it represents the very best coffee produced on the farm this year. With notes of walnut, maple syrup and banana, it is like French toast in a cup!

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