Washed / Heirloom
Delicate Florals, Stone-Fruit Sweetness

Notes Delicate florals, stone-fruit sweetness, black tea
Origin Gedeb Wet-Mill, Kochere District, Gedeo Zone, SNNP Region, Ethiopia
Altitude 1,900-2,000m


Process  Washed

This heirloom varietal comes from the Gedeb wet-mill in the Kochere district in south-west Ethiopia. This region is famed for its high-grade coffee and this particular lot is of exceptional quality with delicate florals and stone fruit sweetness.

The ripe cherries, grown by smallholder farmers in the area surrounding the Gedeb wet-mill, are delivered to the wet-mill where they are carefully pulped and sorted before being allowed to ferment for 36-48 hours. Following fermentation the coffee is washed and then dried on raised beds for 12-15 days. Once the correct moisture level has been achieved the coffee is then transported to the dry-mill in Addis Ababa where it is hulled of its protective parchment layer, graded, sorted and placed into GrainPro and hessian bags for export.

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