Monthly Subscription


Our monthly subscription is the best way to explore the diverse world of coffee without having to lift a finger. Each month we select one of our single-origin coffees that we are particularly enjoying. We roast it fresh for our subscribers the first week of each month and post it to you that week. You just need to choose how much you need to see you through to the next instalment!

We try to make the selection as diverse and interesting as possible in terms of origin, process and flavour profile, in order to showcase the huge variety of the humble coffee bean.

If you want to amend or cancel your subscription at any time you just need to email us at and we'll sort it right away.

Please note that your first instalment will be delivered the first week of the month following the month in which you setup your subscription - so you may want to buy a bag of something else just to tide you over! You will be charged when setting up the subscription, and then on the 1st of every month thereafter, excluding the month following the month that you set up the subscription (for example, if you setup your subscription of 15th January, you will be charged on 15th January for the first month, but your next charge won't be until 1st March, and then on the 1st of every month thereafter). Complicated stuff, but it works!

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