Reko - Ethiopia (2020)

Origin Reko Washing Station, Kochere, Gedeo Zone, Ethiopia
Altitude 1,850-2,100 MASL
Variety Kurume, Mixed Heirloom
Process Washed
Notes Peach, Yoghurt, Raspberry Coulis

This coffee comes from the Reko washing station in Ethiopia's Kochere district, and is sourced via our importing partner Trabocca, who we have come to trust for offering excellent quality, and responsibly sourced coffees, such as Suke Quto and Ndaroini.

The Reko washing station receives coffee cherry from around 850 farmers during harvest season, and has developed a reputation for exceptional quality. The team behind the washing station put this down to the training and education of its staff, and the farmers who supply them, and to the meticulous selection, separation, and lot management of the coffee that is delivered to the washing station.

In the cup it has beautiful stone fruit and berry flavours with a delicious lactic acidity. We think it tastes like peaches with yoghurt and raspberry coulis. Utterly delicious! 

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