Storm Tea - Organic Green Tea

Storm Tea is a small family business built on four key principles that are very closely aligned with our own - amazing flavours, consideration for farmers and their staff, care for the planet, and care for our general wellbeing. As such, it is our pleasure to offer you their delicious range of fine loose leaf teas.

Tea Green Tea
Origin Thotulagala Estate, Uva Highlands, Sri Lanka
Certification Soil Association Organic

3g tea / 250ml water

70-80°C brew temp

3-4 minute infusion

Storm's green leaf tea comes from the organic Thotulagala Estate in the Uva Highlands of Sri Lanka. High up in the mountains the tender young leaves are carefully plucked before being steamed and pan-fired. The result is a light and pleasing flavour with hints of summer meadows and sweet tobacco.

Thotulagala Estate was established in 1931 and is spread over around 200 hectares of land, most of which is formed into hillside terraces where the tea grows in neat lines to form flat-topped picking ‘tables’. The tea here is excellent thanks to the rich and fertile soil, the cooler climate and the high altitude (1,500 meters above sea level).

In 1997 the estate was bought by the Muthuswamy family, and in a bid to improve the environment the owners made the decision to convert the farm to 100% organic production. It employs 184 people, the vast majority of which live on site in housing provided by the estate, each with a garden where families grow vegetables for their own consumption.

The estate produces green, oolong and black teas. To create their green tea, the top two two leaves and buds of each plant are carefully picked. The leaves are then delivered to the factory where they are immediately steamed for around 60 seconds. This makes the leaves more tender and allows them to release their enzymes. The leaf is then pan-fired to halt the fermentation that would otherwise turn the tea into oolong or black tea. After ten to fifteen minutes of drying the leaves are graded according to size. The vast majority of the tea produced is either pekoe, or - as is the case with this tea - orange pekoe grade.

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