Storm Tea - Organic Assam

Storm Tea is a small family business built on four key principles that are very closely aligned with our own - amazing flavours, consideration for farmers and their staff, care for the planet, and care for our general wellbeing. As such, it is our pleasure to offer you their delicious range of fine loose leaf teas.

Tea Assam
Origin Bherjan Estate, Assam, India
Certification Soil Association Organic

3g tea / 250ml water

100°C brew temp

5-6 minute infusion

This distinctive, malty Assam tea is amongst the richest and most full-bodied teas in the world. It is grown on the Bherjan Estate which is renowned for producing very high-quality tea, and is one of the few organic estates in Assam.

Assam tea is made using the camellia sinensis var. assamica plant which is native to the Assam region of India. This tea is unusual since it grows close to sea level unlike the rest of the world’s best teas which are always grown at high altitude.

This part of India experiences high precipitation during the monsoon season when as much as 250–300mm of rain falls per day. The daytime temperatures rise to around 36°C creating greenhouse-like conditions of extreme humidity and heat. This tropical climate contributes to Assam's unique and much loved malty flavour.

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