Sweet Collection - Daterra, Brazil


Daterra, Cerrado Mineiro, Minas Gerais, Brazil

GPS 18°42'04.79"S 46°53'12.35"W (Plot TB 10/19)






Red Catuai


Mandarin, Vanilla, Creme Brulee

Daterra is synonymous with quality, sustainability, and innovation, and we are proud to have coffees from this incredible farm frequently underpinning our offering.

Sweet Collection is our latest release from their Collection range of coffees, representing the highest scoring lots that are grown on the farm.

This particular lot is a pulped-natural red catuai grown on plot TB 10/19, and harvested using selective mechanical picking. Daterra coffee harvesters are custom-built on the farm (you can see Tom taking a ride on one above). They are designed to shake the trees gently such that only the ripest cherries that detach easily from the branch get collected, whilst unripe cherries remain on the tree to complete their maturation.

In the cup this coffee reminds us of an orange creme brulee, with a sweet mandarin acidity, underpinned by notes of vanilla and burnt caramel.

You can learn more about our relationship with Daterra, and what makes it such a special farm here.

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