Wonderful Wild Women - Colombia

Origin Mujeres del Carmen, Oporapa, Huila, Colombia
Process Washed
Variety Castillo, Colombia, Caturra
Altitude 1,400-1,700 MASL
Sugar Cane, Orange, Caramel

The Wonderful Wild Women community started as the brainchild of the Lake District's very own Sarah Gerrish with the aim of inspiring women to get outdoors and active no matter their age or experience. Since its inception in 2015, the Wonderful Wild Women community has grown to be in the tens of thousands and profiles inspirational Wonderful Wild Women across the globe.

We've teamed up with Wonderful Wild Women to offer you coffees driven by some inspirational women working in the world of coffee.

Our latest offering comes from an association of 52 female coffee growers from the village of El Carmen in the Oporapa municipality of Colombia. The association exists to offer alternatives to local women to improve their quality of life, to promote women's rights, and to protect the environment through their policy of empowerment and participation. The project started in 2013 with 10 members and has grown to 52 members today.

The coffee itself is pulped and dry fermented for 26 hours, before being fully washed, then sun and air dried on parabolic patios and raised beds.

In the cup it has a classic delicate Huila profile - clean and sweet, with a medium body, notes of sugar cane and caramel, and a balanced orange acidity.

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