Yamith Cifuentes

Notes Plum, Nectarine, Raspberry
Farmer Yamith Cifuentes Castillo
Origin Finca Las Mercedes, Alto Tablón, Suaza, Huila
Altitude 1,650 masl
Process Washed
Varieties Colombia, Caturra

Finca Las Mercedes is a 6 hectare plot farmed by Yamith Cifuentes Castillo. Yamith lives on the farm with his wife Jessika Julieth and their son Alan Josias. In the words of Yamith himself:

"I come from a family that loves this trade and we owe everything we have to the income generated by this valuable crop. We strive to do an excellent job in all areas such as pre-harvest, harvest and post-harvest in order to gain a reputation as an excellent coffee producer. I had the opportunity to have a higher-education, and graduated as an Agricultural Engineer. I am currently part of the Extension Service of the National Federation of Coffee Growers where I have been working for 10 years with a lot of love and dedication, providing technical assistance to my fellow coffee producers".

During harvest only the ripe cherries are hand-picked. They are then pulped and left in fermentation tanks to loosen the mucilage surrounding the bean. Yamith uses a Fermaestro to determine the correct moment to remove the beans from the fermentation tank. The beans are then washed to remove the loosened mucilage using water from a stream on the farm. The washed coffee is dried on raised beds and then in parabolic dryers before being packed in to GrainPro bags for onward transport.

Alongside Eider Perdomo's geisha, Yamith's coffee stood out at a cupping of coffees from the Huila region hosted by High Altitude coffee importers. It is very clean, but incredibly juicy in the cup with notes of plum, nectarine and raspberry.

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