Each coffee that we source has its own unique characteristics that are determined by its variety, the conditions in which it is grown, how it is processed, and how it is transported to us.

Using a combination of experience, experimentation and analysis, we aim to unlock these characteristics, and to give them their truest expression in the cup.

We are proud to roast all of our coffees on a Loring S15 Falcon, the most environmentally friendly roaster in its class. Unlike a conventional drum roaster that uses a heating element to warm the rotating drum in which the coffee is roasted, the Loring uses hot air to roast the coffee.

The air is heated by a single burner in a separate cyclone. The hot air passes through a particle filter, then into the static drum where it heats the coffee, before exiting the drum and being routed back to the cyclone. Here the air is reheated and any smoke is incinerated, before being routed back through the filter and into the drum for another cycle.

The result is a smokeless roaster with very low emissions and gas consumption relative to other roasters in its class. The incineration of smoke and subsequent filtration of the air also results in a very clean roasting environment. We believe this results in a cleaner, more expressive, and ultimately more delicious cup of cup of coffee.