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Penny Rock - Seasonal Espresso from £6.00
Suke Quto - Ethiopia from £8.00
Mountain Rescue - Guatemala from £6.50
Thangathi - Kenya from £8.00

Yulzan - Guatemala from £7.00
The Struggle - India from £6.50
Seasonal Decaf - Guatemala from £7.00
Letterbox Subscription £8.00

Monthly Subscription from £8.00
3 Month Gift Subscription from £30.00


At Red Bank Coffee Roasters it is our mission to show you just how good coffee can be. We source the best tasting, seasonal, ethically-produced, speciality-grade arabica coffee we can find and roast to retain the unique personality of each bean.

We buy and roast our coffee in small-batches to ensure it is always fresh, and our line up of single-origin coffee changes regularly. This allows us to showcase the huge variety of flavours the humble coffee bean can offer.

Be it rich, chocolatey coffees from Brazil, huge fruit bombs from Kenya, or delicate tea-like coffees from Ethiopia - we want you to know what coffees you like and don't like and why, and to always strive for the perfect cup.



November 05, 2018

GUATEMALA EXTRACTED! is the first of our EXTRACTED! projects where we select just one of the plethora of coffee producing nations, and, for a few months, fully immerse ourselves in it. The idea is to explore in depth the coffees of that origin and to learn as much as we possibly can about that country, both for the benefit of ourselves and our customers. There are so many countries producing great quality coffee these days, and there is so much variety within each of these countries. Coffee roasters tend to offer just one or two coffees from any given origin, but we want to gain a deeper understanding, and for you to get to know what the coffee from, in this instance, Guatemala really tastes like.... Continue Reading →

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