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At Red Bank Coffee Roasters it is our mission to show you just how good coffee can be. We source the best tasting, seasonal, ethically-produced, speciality-grade arabica coffee we can find and roast to retain the unique personality of each bean.

We buy and roast our coffee in small-batches to ensure it is always fresh, and our line up of single-origin coffee changes regularly. This allows us to showcase the huge variety of flavours the humble coffee bean can offer.

Be it rich, chocolatey coffees from Brazil, huge fruit bombs from Kenya, or delicate tea-like coffees from Ethiopia - we want you to know what coffees you like and don't like and why, and to always strive for the perfect cup.



February 11, 2019

Fazenda Daterra is a coffee farm located in the Cerrado Mineiro region of Minas Gerais, Brazil. This year it forms the backbone of our Penny Rock seasonal espresso. Over the last few years Penny Rock has garnered a very loyal following, and it is now consumed by so many people that I felt it was right to explore its components in more depth. Why Daterra? In early 2014, with Red Bank still in its preliminary planning phase, I attended London Coffee Festival for the first time. I remember being overwhelmed by the number of roasters, machine manufacturers, green coffee importers, ancillary product vendors, all competing for my attention, and me duly visiting as many of them as I possibly could. Amidst... Continue Reading →

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