Giling Basah / P88 & Bourbon
Dark Chocolate, Blackcurrant, Smoke

Notes Rich, smoky, dark-chocolate with hints of blackcurrant
Origin Gegarang Village between Takengon and Lake Tawar, Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia
Altitude 1,600-1,800m
Process Semi-washed
Varietal Bourbon & P88
Certification Organic / Fair Trade

We met Lloyd and Ben at PUSH Cartel in Ambleside at the beginning of 2016. Like most cyclists they are fuelled predominantly by caffeine and were looking for some deluxe beans to supplement their high-end bikes. We started them off with the ever-popular single-origin Colombian Agustino Forest. They liked it, but wanted something with a bit more punch. So next time we brought them Deer Bolt with it's hefty kick from the Sumatran element balanced by the rich jamminess of the African coffees in the blend. This was better, but still they wanted more. Less jam, more punch. After trialling endless combinations at the roastery we thought we'd see what happened if next time we gave them 100% unadulterated Sumatran. We delivered this intense dark-chocolate smoke-bomb somewhat apprehensively expecting to be forcefully ejected from the premises the moment it touched their respective palates. We weren't. To the contrary we had finally delivered what they were looking for. A coffee that whacks you in the chops. A coffee that gives you that extra kick, whether it's to get up The Struggle in Ambleside, or to deal with more day to day struggles - not least, getting up in the morning!

The Struggle is our homage to the coffees of Indonesia. We are currently using an organic, fair trade bean from Gegarang Village in Sumatra. In the cup expect a rich, smoky, dark-chocolate hit with hints of blackcurrant.

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