The Struggle

Notes Hazelnut, Muscovado Sugar, Green Apple
Origin Melkodige Estate, ChikkamagaluruKarnataka, India
Altitude 1,152-1,280m
Process Washed
Varietal Selection 9

We met Lloyd and Ben at Push Cartel in Ambleside at the beginning of 2016. Like most road cyclists they are fuelled predominantly by caffeine and they were looking for some deluxe beans to supplement their high-end bikes. After trying a few of our more subtle origins on them we soon realised that they were looking for maximum impact - for a coffee that whacks you in the chops, that gives you that extra kick, whether it's to get your bike up The Struggle, or just to get up in the morning!

Our current offering is this wonderful Selection 9 varietal from the Melkodige Estate in Karnataka, India. In the cup it has great body with notes of hazelnut, muscovado sugar and apple. 

The story of Melkodige Estate started in 1945 when Alex Leo Rodrigues migrated to this beautiful area in search of better prospects. After working as a supervisor at the British run Balur Estate for a couple of years, he managed to buy a 20-acre estate in 1947. In the seventies, his son A.S. Rodrigues, armed with a BSc in Agriculture from the University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad, started implementing a more scientific process of cultivation. He also expanded the estate into a 250-acre plantation. Today, his grandson Aveen Rodrigues and grand daughter-in-law Yogitha, both with MSc Horticulture degrees from the prestigious University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, scientifically manage the plantation.

All of the coffee at the Melkodige Estate is grown under a three-tier shade system. Once fully mature the cherries are hand-picked and visually sorted to remove any unripe cherries. The ripe cherries are then pulped and fully washed before being moved to raised trays to drive out surface moisture. They are then spread thinly over patio bricks and sun dried for around seven days until the desired moisture level of 11% is reached.

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